Sub Vocal
Super Junior T

Full Name: Kim Hee Chul
Nick Name: Heechul
Born: Hongseong,Gangwon,South Korea, July 10 1983
Occupations: Singer, Actor, TV Host, Radio Host, MC, DJ
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB
Specialty/Hobby: Drum, Piano, Writing Poems, Writing Fairy Tales, Computer Games

Twitter: @Heedictator


  • MUSIC (Discography)

Super Junior

Studio Albums
2005 Super Junior 05 (TWINS)
2007 Don’t Don
2009 Sorry, Sorry
2010 Bonamana
2011 Mr. Simple

2005 Show Me Your Love (featuring DBSK)
2006 U
2008 U/Twins
2008 Marry You
2011 Bonamana
2011 Mr. Simple

Super Junior T

2007 Rokkugo
2008 Rokkugo ft. Moeyan (Japanesse Version)

  • FILM

2007 Attack On The Pin Up Boys
2010 Super Show 3 3D Movie

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Sharp 2 Baek Jin-woo Supporting role
2005 Loveholic Young chef Cameo appearance
2006 Mystery 6 Himself Supporting role
2006 Bad Family Gong Min Supporting role
2005–07 Rainbow Romance Heechul Leading role
2007–08 Golden Bride Kim Young-soo Supporting role
2009 TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun Himself Cameo appearance
2009–10 I Love You Ten Million Times Lee Chul Supporting role
2010 I am Legend Himself Cameo appearance
2011 Youth Melody Shen Taiyi Supporting role

Flight Girl – Magolpy [Vitamin Entertainment, Korea]
2010 Let You Go – TRAX (band)
2010 Shady Girl – Sistar


Young Street Radio  (November 1, 2005–April 30, 2006)
SBS Power FM, HeeChul’s Young Street (29 March 2010 – 2011)


2008 Xanadu – Sony

Year Award Nominated work Result
Summer Break Mnet 20’s Choice Awards
2007 Best Pretty Boy Heechul Won
MBC Entertainment Awards
2011 Rookie Award (Show/Entertainment) Heechul: Radio Star Won


1. Heechul thinks Heebum is growing fatter. He said Heebum is a cat who looking like a pig.

2. Heechul almost killed Yesung’s turtle by kicking it accidentally when he was in a rush.

3. Heechul likes to see his handsome face reflection on the mirror.

4. According to Eunhyuk, Heechul is a kind of person who won’t come to a show for his members.

5. Heechul is a fanboy of Wonder Girls.

6. Heechul doesn’t like puppy/dog that much, He likes cat more.

7. Heechul’s favorite girlbands are: Wonder Girls, and 4 Minute.

8. 4 Years ago, Heechul spent his birthday on the plane to Malaysia.

9. 3 Years ago, Heechul spent his birthday in the rain with Hankyung.

10.  2 years ago, Heechul spent his birthday by drinking alcohol in Japan.

11.   Last year, Heechul spent his birthday by drinking alcohol with Chocoball members.

12.  Heechul only let Jay TRAX, Donghae, and Yunho DBSK to touch his hair.

13.  Heechul go bestfriends for the first time when he was a trainee. His bestfriends are Hankyung and Yunho.

14.   Between all SuJu members, Heechul got the most anti fans.

15.  When Heechul doesn’t have any schedule, he likes to stay in the dorm more, and play with Champagne and Heebum.

16.  Heechul doesn’t like branded things, he likes unique things more.

17.  Heechul likes to change his hair style.

18.  Heechul is the most unique member.

19.  Heechul want to have his own apartment/home.

20.   Heechul respect girls. He doesn’t like to touch girls without the girl’s permission.

21.  Heechul is a type of person, who will keep loving people that he loves.

22.  Once Heechul took care of Leeteuk because Leeteuk fall asleep in the train so he won’t fall, although Heechul also feel sleepy.

23.  Heechul type of girls: Likes to wear skirt and has a beautiful legs,likes to tie her hair up,has a beautiful neck.

24.  Heechul is popular in China.

25.  Shindong and Kyuhyun choose Heechul is the weirdest member.

26.  Heechul’s mood changes easily.

27.  Heechul doesn’t have boy friends because he was too pretty when he was still in school.

28.   When Heechul was a kid, if he went shopping with his parents, people offered him girls suits.

29.  Heechul was in big depression, after Hangeng left Super Junior.

30.  Heechul is close with SNSD Sunny, Jessica, and FX Sulli.

31.  Heechul is also close with B2ST’s Junhyung.

32.   When Heechul fight with Donghae, they will throw all the things around them.

33.  When Heechul fights with Eunhyuk, they will just ignore each other, like a ‘cold war’.

34.   Heechul is Kyuhyun’s favorite hyung. But Kyuhyun doesn’t listen to Heechul.

35.  Heechul feels guilty to Leeteuk, because he can’t do anything to help Leeteuk as the leader.

36.  Heechul take a bath with Hangeng and Heebum.

37.  Heechul has kissed Hankyung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Henry, Jungmo and Jay TRAX.

38.  After Heechbul kissed Sungmin, Sungmin felt so angry. But Heechul doesn’t care.

39.  Heechul’s favorite food is Beijing Fried Rice.

40.  Heechul really hates Kyuhyun when he doesn’t show respects to his hyungs.

41.  Heechul was the one who visited Kyuhyun the most, when he was in hospital during recovery.

42.  Heechul is really good at yelling.

43.  Heechul thought because he’s famous in China, so he has to grow his hair until it reaches waist-length.

44.  Yunho thought Heechul loves him.

45.   Heechul listens to U-Kiss’s songs.

46.  Heechul is the prettiest member.

47.  Heechul is awkward with Eunhyuk and Sungmin.

48.  . Heechul dances to girlgroup’s dance moves. He really likes it.

49.   Heechul likes to imitates other artists.

50.  Heechul wants to grow his hair like Prof. Snape.

51.  Heechul likes Hangeng so much. Hangeng is his best friend. He said their relation ship is hard to explain.

52.  Kimchi Fried Rice is also Heechul’s favorite food.

53.  Heechul is awkward with kids. He’s scared of kids.

54.   When asked what makes he feels confident, he said because of his face.

55.  Heechul was a smart kid. He was on top of the class.

56.   Heechul play harmonica, piano, and drums.

57.  Heechul likes to drink alone or only with Hankyung. It makes him think of deep things.

58.  Heechul doesn’t really likes crowded place.

59.  Because Heechul can’t dance, so he doesn’t like to go clubbing.

60.   Heechul loves massaging. He usually go with Jungmo.

61.  Heechul will be nervous and he feels like his heart’s gonna burst out, when he’s holding a girl.

62.  Heechul thinks the most precious thing in the world is himself.

63.  Heechul listens to Evanescence.

64.  Heechul sometimes posts from World of Warcraft.

65.   Heechul likes white chocolate.

66.  Heechul’s favorite dongsaeng are Donghae and Kibum.

67.  Heechul likes to hit Jessica SNSD’s head.

68.  Heechul cares so much about his looks.

69.  Heechul agrees that Taeyeon is cuter than Yoona.

70.  Heechul usually call Youngstreet as ‘Heeprah Winfrey Show’.

71.  Heechul told Sulli to stop growing. Cause Sulli is already very tall now.

72.  Heechul does kiss the members lips just for Fan Service.

73.  Heechul and another members who live in the 2nd floor in the dorm, usually talks while undress.

74.   Heechul likes to talks about Sohee with Sunny SNSD.

75.  Heechul also take care of chinese members Henry, and Zhoumi. He told people to support them, cause he loves them.

76.  Heechul was touched because Zhoumi really took care of him, when he was in the hospital during recovery.

77.  Heechul said everything will be okay as long as he has his cute girlfriends (ELFs).

78.   Heechul gave SNSD Sunny a pair of shoes that he drew himself as the birthday gift.

79.  Heechul wants to keep being young forever.

80.  Heechul coughed blood after every Don’t Don performance.

81.  Heechul and Hangeng likes to wash Heebum.

82.  Heechul is very close with Lee Hongki and Simon D, and all Chocoball members.

83.  Heechul likes to watch Horror movies.

84.  Heechul has a very slim and beautiful legs.

85.   Heechul likes to search about his news and pictures on the internet.

86.   When Heechul’s hair was long, Donghae hates it and told him to cut it.

87.  Heechul kissed Henry 3 times.

88.  Henry thought Heechul was transgender when he just met him.

89.  Heechul thinks he looks the sexiest when he’s wearing pajamas.

90.  Heechul loves to play prank on people.

91.  Heechul got annoyed by some fans in the fan cafe, because they bashed Heechul, so Heechul went out from the fan cafe.

92.  Heechul bring Baengshin to Mubank.

93.  Heechul was so happy when an ELF bought him an iPad.

94.   Heechul loves to wear Hangeng’s glasses.

95.  Heechul doesn’t really like to take off his shirt. When he’s shirtless, he’ll cover his chest with his arms.

96.  Heechul loves Jjinbang so much.

97.  After HG left There was a time at SS2 when all the members stood in a line together except HC. HC at the back alon and looks sad.

98.  Heechul doesn’t cry easily. So when he does he must felt very bad.

99.   Heechul wants Leeteuk no to cry alone. When Leeteuk feels sad, he wants Leeteuk to lean on him.

100.Heechul promises, he’ll show people that he will successfully get married.


Super Junior’s Photo Teaser

TWINS (2005)

DON’T DON (2007)



MR. SIMPLE Ver. A (2011)

MR. SIMPLE Ver. B (2011)

MR. SIMPLE Ver. C (2011)

Super Junior T’s Photo Teaser

ROKKUGO (2007)



TV Dramas

SHARP 2 (2005)



GOLDEN BRIDE (2007-2008)




with Pets

with Members

with Mr. Lee Soo Man

with SNSD Yoona

with BoA

with f(x) Sulli

with SNSD Sunny

with f(x) Victoria

with Kim Sae Rom

with Song Jong Ki

Source +Images : Internet, en.wikipidea.org, superjunior.smtown.com, sbs.co.kr, CNTV

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