Sub Vocal & Main Dancer
Super Junior T, Super Junior H

Full Name: Shin Dong Hee
Nick Name: Donghee, Shindong
Born: Seoul,South Korea, July 1 1983
Occupations: Singer, TV Host, Radio Host, MC, DJ
Height: 178cm
Weight: 90kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty/Hobby: Watching Comic Movies, GAG, Dancing

Twitter: @ShinsFriends


  • MUSIC (Discography)

Super Junior

Studio Albums
2005 Super Junior 05 (TWINS)
2007 Don’t Don
2009 Sorry, Sorry
2010 Bonamana
2011 Mr. Simple

2005 Show Me Your Love (featuring DBSK)
2006 U
2008 U/Twins
2008 Marry You
2011 Bonamana
2011 Mr. Simple

Super Junior T

2007 Rokkugo
2008 Rokkugo ft. Moeyan (Japanesse Version)

Super Junior H

2008 Cooking Cooking

2008 Pajama Party

  • FILM

2007 Attack On The Pin Up Boys (as Shin Dong)

Alvin and The Chipmunks (Theodore’s voice)

  • MV Appearance

Flight Girl – Magolpy (2007)

  • Hosting Programs
Date Name Note
November 10, 2005–March 27, 2008 M.NET M!Countdown with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk
2007– 2009 MBC BoBoBo Ai Joa
April 2007–February 15, 2008 KMTV DJ Green Apple Sound
January 7, 2008–April 5, 2008 ComedtyTV Unbelievable Outing Season 3 with Super Junior-Happy,
July 10, 2008–October 9, 2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1 with Super Junior-Happy
September 5, 2009– 2010 SBS Miracle with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Kangin
September 16, 2009– 2010 MBC King of the Ring with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk
Date Name Note
April 8, 2008–present MBC “Stop the Boring Time” with Kim Shin-young (later Park Gyuri of Kara)
Year Award Nominated work Result
MBC Drama Awards
2009 Best Male Rookie Award Shindong Won
SBS Entertainment Awards
2010 Best Newcomer MC Strong Heart Won
2011 Best Entertainer Award Shindong Won


  1. Shin Dong Hee (Shin Dong), he is Super Junior′s teddy bear.
  2. He is the ′choreographer′ of Super Junior along with Eunhyuk.
  3. He is flexible.
  4. He wants a sports car.
  5. His favorite color is purple.
  6. He has a girlfriend call Nari.
  7. Shindong shares a room with the manager.
  8. Shindong owns a scooter which he calls Kkoolie.
  9. Shindong has a habit of taking off his clothes during the night time while he’s asleep.
  10. The housekeeper also saw him naked and ran away startled.
  11. Shindong wants to get rid of his habit of taking off his clothes at night but he doesn’t know how to.
  12. He always get mad with Donghae because he always borrowed his shirts. Not to be worn, but as Donghae’s blanket.
  13. Said to be the second dirtiest member in Super Junior.
  14. Shindong is known as the mood-maker for SuJu and gets everybody in a happy mood.
  15. Shindong’s fandom is called Piglets, because his nickname is Winnie the Pooh.
  16. Shindong played a “misfit” character in Attack on the Pin-up Boys.
  17. He actually got into the company by passing the comedy section of the audition.
  18. He often ride his scooter with Sungmin.
  19. He is the only son and has a younger sister.
  20. Shindong often snore when he was asleep and Donghae was afraid of his snores.
  21. Shindong often feel resentful with Donghae because he often borrow his shirt and use it as blanket.
  22. Shindong’s been denied by several female celebrities when he asked for their numbers.
  23. In one of Super Junior’s shower competitions, he took only 27 seconds, breaking Siwon’s record of 30 seconds.
  24. Shindong and Eunhyuk once got left behind by the members and staff.
  25. His diet was a success. He lost about 15 kg in 3 weeks


Super Junior’s Photo Teaser

TWINS (2005)

DON’T DON (2007)



MR. SIMPLE Ver. A (2011)

MR. SIMPLE Ver. B (2011)

MR. SIMPLE Ver. C (2011)


with Members

Source + Images : Internet,,, @ShinsFriends

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