120309 (Transcript) SungDong Cafe – Heechul

Heenim: It’s my 7th debut anniversary on 6th March. Although it’s a little late now, time passed really quickly. To celebrate it, I will play Kyuhyun’s “7 years of love” now.

We just listened to 7 years of love by Kyuhyun, who’s a raging flame in Radio Star recently.

Heenim: My cute young girl fan just sent a message to congratulate me. “Heechul oppa, congratulations for your 7th debut anniversary! Continue to be active for many many years in future. Kya kya~” That’s Hwanhee who has already debuted for 13 or 14 years. Hwanhee hyung, thank you~

Listener asked if Heenim has a good relationship with his sis cos they only have 1 year of age difference. Heenim: “I’m the kind who doesn’t really care. Like when we’re young (from middle, high school), I don’t even know whether my sis is at home or not. My style is the kind that doesn’t really care about the people around me. So I thought if it’s just me who doesn’t really care about my sis. It’s the same for Teukie. He doesn’t know what his sis is doing. When his sis appears on tv, he will just walk away. If his sis calls, he’ll just say “orh orh orh~” Seems like family members are just like that. Kim Taehee’s younger brother is the same.

Credit: @heequeenTing
Shared by: SuJuYEN

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