Lee Teuk: “My Wife Kang So Ra and I Are on Strike”

For the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on March 13, Lee Teuk made a joke about the on-going MBC strike.

Currently, the PD for “We Got Married” is on strike. For about a month “We Got Married” was not broadcasting.

During “Strong Heart” Boom asked Lee Teuk, “How is your virtual married life?” Lee Teuk replied, “We are currently on strike. We did not break off our engagement, we are on strike. We didn’t mean to, but we are currently separated.”

(The Korean word for breaking off an engagement is “Pa Hon” and the word for strike is “Pa Uhb.” The two words contain the same word “Pa” and it is the Chinese character meaning “to end.” This is the meaning behind the play on words.)

Currently MBC’s labor union is on strike demanding the CEO Kim Jae Chul to step down.

Source: Soompi
Shared by: SuJuYEN

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