120317 Siwon Twitter Updates: Yes like home. thanks thailand always.

@siwon407: Yes like home. thanks thailand always. going to kao san road.

amazing you thailand.

@siwon407: When somebody is gossipping about me behind my back, that’s a good chance to take a look back at myself^^ How to make it through with a sincere heart, I will find it out someday^^

@siwon407: I visited Daniel-nim (Henney hyung)’s movie filming site *_* It’s called ‘Mister K’. Because Hyung is filming I couldn’t take the picture with him so I just took one with our Martin-nim and PJ ! It’s in Khao San road, my enthusiasm is overflowing, I’m so excited! Later I’d like to go to this street alone^^ Indeed, Martin-nim is an apocalypto^^!
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Source: @siwon407


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