120317 Sungmin Twitter Updates

@imSMl: Someone is trying to hack my twitter. Can I just find out their location by IP-tracking..? Well, it’s a thing that can happen anytime but when it happened I feel so disgusted~ㅋ

@imSMl: Found it! It feels like I’ll be able to do the concert well today! Eunhyukie gave me this precious gongjindan (medicinal pill)!ㅋㅋ The feeling is like when Son Goku eats a celestial peach~ Super Saiyajin transformation!!!!!


@imSMl: Ah! Eating only half of it and saving the rest for tomorrow~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So those coming to tomorrow’s show don’t be sad! I’ll do well tomorrow too~!^^

@imSMl: Our Kyu’s new ost ‘인우 (Inoo)’ is really nice!!! I added it to my blog immediately~ㅋㅋ Please love the song as much as you love the drama Mushin~!

Source: @imSMl


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