120318 3RD WAVE MUSIC Twitter Updates

@3rdWaveMusic LAST DAT SS4 Oh My the cheers are thunderous here. The crowd is so loud. dancers on standby

@3rdWaveMusic There is always a media room. They control all the cameras and what gets shown.

@3rdWaveMusic Revenge hahaha! @donghae861015 was making funny gestures. So I decided to make more funny gestures. http://yfrog.us/7b28xuz

@3rdWaveMusic Sorry guys here’s the video reloaded again. My revenge to @donghae861015 http://yfrog.us/7gctjxz

Hmmm uploaded but upside down. First time I’ve seen this paper puppet of SJ!

@3rdWaveMusic Funny! @siwon407 decided to date a fish!

@3rdWaveMusic: Guess whose apples these are? http://pic.twitter.com/S6Cjqcoi

Source: @3rdWaveMusic


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