120320 [Transcipt] Kiss The Radio – Sungmin and Ryeowook

Ryeowook: A listener sent in a message saying that the two DJs are very handsome
Sungmin: Haha thanks!
Ryeowook: Ah really, thank you, I haven’t received such messages for a some time

Sungmin: Maybe because spring is here, I feel a little down
Ryeowook: But through radio broadcast, we can’t tell
Sungmin: Because its a broadcast!
Ryeowook: Really, when the radio broadcast ends, Sungmin would disappear like mist… woo~disappeared. Ah don’t be like that, do you wish for spring to quickly be over?
Sungmin: No, I wish for the warm cooling spring days to come

Ryeowook: Our member Kyuhyun especially likes girls with nice thighs, I don’t know where he said it. In the end, his fans all wore skirts for him to see
Sungmin: I don’t really look at (thighs), I’m busy enough looking at my fans haha
Ryeowook: My ideal type is a girl who can sing…please sing for me~

Sungmin: Don’t we always say that if we keep shaking our leg, our luck will be shaken off us? But I watched a show and it said that if someone keeps shaking his leg, his leg will look prettier
Ryeowook: Is this true?
Sungmin: Its real, it was even tested. Those testers were really tortured for that trial week XD they even have to shake their legs while eating meals

Today’s question is about how to lose fats at the legs
Ryeowook: A listener asked about it XD just distract yourself! So what if your legs aren’t pretty, as long as your face is, its fine~
Sungmin: *long silence* Yes… I don’t know what to say anymore, its like that.

Sungmin read a letter from today
Sungmin: Ryeowook, you read this
Ryeowook: ?
Sungmin: Just read it~ (aegyo)
Ryeowook: …okay. A listener said, “Today’s letter is about youth. Youth with Sungmin oppa’s good voice is a good combination!…hng.

Sungmin: What age is youth from and till?
Ryeowook: Um, now! The 20s are probably the youths… I don’t think theres an age for youth…
Sungmin: Then I’m youthful for my whole life
Ryeowook: If you have the spirit, then I guess you are youthful. The dictionary says that youth is about your younger years. But there are also youthful attitudes, bodies and ages… Sungmin’s parents are like that, they’re really young.

Credit: @celstarz


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