120406 Twitter Updates Compilation

@siwon407 Thank you..^^


@siwon407 @3rdWaveMusic is in France!!! Me and PJ in this small room getting close in Paris.

One of my bday wish: support IGNITE:1040 cd! We will use some of the finances to support Africa!

Ahhhh! Dont forget @3rdWaveMusic is having April Sale for cd. You can get my autograph every week! Www.3rdwavemusic.org

Thanks for all your love …

Everybody thank you so much.. I will love you much more..^^

@shfly3424 twitpic.com/96d3o1 twitpic.com/96d3vw  Paris’ concert is starting soon !! Now I’m like this-ing~~

@special1004: 010-4460-1117 I didn’t know that my phone could display such a message..ㅋㅋ You have to call THIS number only!! Other numbers, no no!!! I apologised to those other people personally, so please call this number only!! You can see it right?^^ But please just call once!! It almost caught fire..ㅠㅠ
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(The message on his phone says: “TEMPERATURE. Please lower the temperature of your phone before using your iPhone.” His phone was overheating because of the incoming call/message activity)

@special1004: Today finally..!!! It’s the day of our first independent concert in France!! We’ll give it our all and return your love with a really fabulous stage before leaving!!!^^ jetaime~~

@shfly3424 Paris ELF!! Let’s have fun at Super Show today~~!!
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@special1004: Really so young~^^ㅋㅋ During 2jib days~~ That hairstyle that is the trend these days, back during that time we already.. We’re way ahead of the trend ㅋㅋ I seem to like this kind of pureness.
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Source: @special1004, @shfly3424, @siwon407


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