120408 Twitter Updates Compilation

@ryeong9 : We gathered. up through DAD’s Birthday. It’s been a long time since the whole family went out ^ ^ Again to Seoul gogo. Although it was a short time but I’m happy ~ ~ kyakya (Please) Listen to the radio ㅋ ㅋ

@siwon407: I’ve arrived safely^^ now its Shenzhen! Everything was not a dream but a dream-like reality(,) my mood is good^^ anyway I’ve arrived safely^^ pic.twitter.com/knQGIOfo
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@shfly3424 : Handsome Brothers ^ ^ Jongjin AH, it’s been long time ares, let’s Move Tomorrow!!

@special1004: Thank you! ^ ^ I miss you!

I miss you! Doing good?

I love you! See you soon!

I miss you! Thank you!

In Shanghai next week I see you! Want to see!

@special1004: Majority of them are primary school and middle school students, and their voices are all really cute~^^ There were more guys than I expected too, and to the ones who are still considering as well, I hope every one of you make your dreams come true~~

@donghae861015: It’s SJ-M 4th anniversary^^ Time does flow like a river ㅎ And Mr.Simple has been #1 for 34 weeks^^ Thank you!!


@special1004: Came back to Korea after retaining unforgettable and beautiful memories in France~^^ To the people who helped us so much!! And to the fans, thank you very much!!!^^

@ryeong9 what is this. . This thing that has sea mussels in it. . How can it be that I couldn’t even eat one plate of pasta and came back. .ㅠ arrived in Koreaㅋㅋ Macaroon isn’t mine>< I don’t like it!ㅋ I obeyed the many opinions telling me not to show my navel (abs). . Even though it’s with a yearning heart it’s a good song selection let’s come togetherㅋ

@shfly3424 Incredible Concert in Paris, I came back to Korea with the unforgettable memories of France E.L.F. Thank U!
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Source: @shfly3424, @ryeong9, @special1004, @donghae861015, @siwon407, @ryeong9


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