120413 Twitter Updates Compilation

@siwon407 Believe my words before you believe the people around me. Thanks all


@donghae861015: We just finished rehearsing !!
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@shfly3424: Rehearsal ended!!! See you tomorrow Chinese ELF!!!
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@special1004: Is it fun to you only if I say I bought 490,000 out of the 500,000 copies?…ㅋㅋ

@henrylau89Whos ready to get wetttt?!


@shfly3424: Breaking over 500,000 copies !! The mood can be describe like asalabi ^^ hehe

@shfly3424: Going to China, Shanghai~~!! Going to see our Chinese ELF after such a long time~~^^ Yup!!


@ryeong9: Although it’s a pity that I couldn’t finish watching the whole show and came out but I enjoyed Kyuhyun-ie’s cool performance ^^ I’ll go again ㅋ!!!!!!


@donghae861015: Wow Mr.Simple sold over 500,000 albums !!^^ Thank you so so much ELF !!^^ELF the best !!


@donghae861015: A kiss to the Golden Disk ! Commemoration of (having sold over) 500,000 albums !^^ Travelling from Japan to Shanghai !!^^ See you next time !! I really miss all of you !!


@shfly3424: http://twitpic.com/98zia9 Before you fall asleep, 39th recommended movie “Soul Surfer”

@ryeong9 Friday of the 13th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+-+

Source: @ryeong9, @shfly3424, @donghae861015, @henrylau89

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