120414 Siwon, Leeteuk, Donghae Twitter Updates

@donghae861015 miss Thai ELF very much. Thai ELF, please think of me also. Today, there’s a concert in Shanghai. Please pray for me. Happy New Year. Happy Songkran!

Kiss Kiss!!

@special1004: Super Show 4! Shanghai!! As expected today’s concert was daebak!!^^ Thank you!!! Please, it would be great if lots of people in China are allowed to use Twitter too~^^;; I’d love for us to fulfill our promise definitely!!! Goodnight!! xie~xie~!!

@siwon407 Hello my lovely Thailand Family I miss u all and hope everyone must be happy and enjoy Thai New Year with family & friends,right?

Don’t get sick from water splashing. I hope we could meet up soon. I wish that day coming the soonest. I miss u all, Thai ELF

Source: @siwon407, @special1004, @donghae861015


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