120509 Twitter Updates Compilation

 whystyle.co.kr WhyStyle’s homepage is finally finally open!! Everyone come and play!!!!

Source: @shfly3424

the days of the sun rising returned ~~~~♬ Hwaiting today as well ~~~ yay ~~~~ Changed my profile picture ㅋㅋ

Source: @ryeong9

Thank you Mexico Siwonest (in Korean)^^ thank you mexico siwonest

Truly loving someone is understanding & caring for them, not invading their privacy, stalking them or spreading baseless rumors about them..

Please respect my privacy and please stop hacking me.

Truly loving someone is understanding & caring for them, not stalking their every move^^ Please stop hacking me. Thanks.

Source: @siwon407

One hour start from 8pm!!! Don’t miss it^^

Super Junior appeared on Hong Kong TVB Drama Glovss Come Off! kekeke Everyone went to watch Super Show?^^keke Thank you!

Finally I watched the full show of MBC Special^^..Oh SJ is really incredible!ㅋㅋ (I couldn’t believe) it makes me cry like this..ㅠㅠ

Source: @special1004

Face revealed ㅋㅋ

Try looking for me ㅋㅋI came to hyung’s restaurant to play after working out. There are a lot of foods i want to eat but I’m just drinking water. (You guys) Come to eat instead of me

(I’m at) Apgujeong ㅋㅋㅋ

Ah~~~ I have laid down for a long time but I can’t sleep. Today’s lullaby <A Love Permitted Only by Heaven > by Um Junghwa noona, listen to it quickly and sleep. i shall sleep while listening to it ㅋ

I want to eat the *bbogeuli which i ate before in the army. I miss the hardtack, sleeping bag, and (army) successorsㅋㅋGuys, today also work hard day and nigh and protect (our) country well^^
// *bbogeuli is the ramyun that you just pour hot water into the ramyun package itself to cook..like cup noodles~

Source: @Himsenkangin


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