Han Geng talks about his new movie and praises SM’s new group!

The 12th Music Chart Awards was held at the Poly Grand Theatre, Shenzhen on the night of April 8. While Han Geng was backstage answering to the rumours about him having his character in “Special Identity”* swapped by Donnie Yen because he was too handsome, he answered “there’s no way”. Han Geng, who is currently filming Vicki Zhao’s new movie “The Youth We Would Ultimately Lose”**, revealed that Vicki Zhao was very serious (with her work) and very professional. In addition to that, the idol group EXO-M, who hails from his previous company SM Entertainment, had participated in the awards ceremony this time as well. Han Geng praised that they were “quite good”, and admitted that he caught a glimpse of himself in them.
Han Geng’s participation in Vicki Zhao’s movie “The Youth We Would Ultimately Lose” is his second official movie-acting stint, and he was all praises for Vicki who is taking on the role of the director for the first time, (saying that) Vicki “is serious, professional, and continuously taught me how to act”. Regarding his role in the movie, Han Geng’s interpretation is that “This character’s inner heart is rather dark and complex, it’s the experience of a boy’s journey into becoming a man”. At the moment, he has completed a quarter of his parts in the movie, and he would also be releasing a new album and embarking on a tour in July.

Aside from that, EXO-M, the new idol group launched by the company SM which Han Geng had some prior disputes with, also took part in the same awards ceremony. Han Geng had praised the group, saying that “They’re pretty good and dedicated, I admire them quite a bit”. He even joked and said that he caught a glimpse of the newly-debuted him from the past in them.

The previous director for “Special Identity”, Tan Bing, exposed that Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao had some animosity between them behind the scenes because of the movie. He also revealed that he had initially invited Han Geng to star in the movie, but because Donnie Yen thought that “Han Geng was too handsome” and was afraid that all his limelight would be snatched away, he (Donnie Yen) had requested for the role to be substituted. Regarding this, Han Geng merely confirmed that he did receive an invitation to appear in the movie, but admitted that he wasn’t able to participate because his schedules were full. When further pressed by the media about the truth behind him being substituted because he was too handsome, Han Geng swore that “I have no idea what happened later on, even if my brains were dug out I wouldn’t know anything about it either”, but he hesitated a little and said “there’s no way”.

Source: Dayoo
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Credit: dkpopnews

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