[Twitter] 120522 Leeteuk Updates

MBC(,) together with Google’s Korean Music wave~^^ It was a time (for me) to listen and experience K-POP together with many of you so I was very happy(.)thank you to the audiences who gave cheers one song by one song from the start to the end!!^^

the ending speech was actually requested (to me) by MBC themselves

At the final ending, at the Arirang song, I was asked to do the last final part at the cue sign. I did that final talk on the show that was broadcasted live all over the world according to the PD’s cue sign. If I did a big mistake, I apologize. I’m politely refusing those unreasonable abusive gift of insults^^

I’ll delete that tweet soon so all of you please capture it.

Soon to take airplane to Korea now~ Passing through from America LA until San Francisco, (all performances) have completed well!! Now let’s meet at Super Show in Seoul!!!

Source: @special1004
Translated by: @sujunesia ; @teukables
by: SuJuYEN

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