[Twitter] 120523 Kangin Updates

Let’s operate according to schedule today. Dermatologist, work out, andㅋㅋㅋ

And then 1) Meet friends 2) Drink coffee 3) Catch up 4) Meet friends and catch up while drinking coffee

Actually I was going to learn the Pom Pom Pom (Sechskies’ 폼생폼사) choreography from Suwon-hyungㅋㅋ

Pork skin is really yummy, I want to eat it. And chicken feet.

See that(?) That is meㅋㅋ

This came out once again too(.) Soldier Strength Kangin ㅋㅋ

This is the one right(?) Sumin-ah

Source: @Himsenkangin
Translated by: @AllRiseXiahtic ; @teukables
Posted by: SuJuYEN

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