Kim Kibum gives Park Ye Jin a hug

Stills from tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday series I Love Lee Tae Ri, featuringe Kim Kibum hugging Park Ye Jin tightly, were released on May 29 and drew a lot of attention.

The first episode of the series, which aired on May 28, also captured the public’s attention by airing Kim, who quickly grew from a 14 year old innocent boy to a 25 year old perfect man after a single day. The second episode of the series will air Kim and Park’s dramatic first meeting.

The production crew gave a hint about the next episode by saying that the innocent Kim and the ice princess Park will reveal their astounding first confrontation.

In the pictures, which were released, the two stars are looking at each other while standing very close to each other. They are sharing a tight hug and their lovely performance made people eagerly anticipate their breathtaking romance.

Source: TV Report

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