Super Junior’s Kim Kibum discusses his love for acting in CeCi interview

Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum recently showed off his handsome looks in a photoshoot for the June issue of fashion magazine, CeCi.

Kim Kibum is currently busy filming tvN‘s ‘I Love Italy‘, in which he is being praised for his acting skills. It was evident in his photoshoot as he naturally showed off his different appeals.

Kim Kibum reminded fans of his innocent and childish side with a playful expression as he dons a Mickey Mouse shirt in one photo. In the other released photo, Kibum shows off a different side with his perfect visuals and his hair  styled into a cowlick, in addition to displaying his muscular arms.

In the interview, Kim Kibum revealed, “There were some concerns that I could lead the show with my first main character role. However, there were a lot of things I learned from Han Suk Kyu sunbae while filming ‘Tree with Deep Roots‘. Even though it is difficult filming throughout the whole night, I became excited again after thinking ‘I’m acting’. Acting is enjoyable overall.”

Kim Kibum is currently starring in ‘I Love Italy’ as his 14-year-old self becomes a 25-year-old man overnight.

Source: OSEN via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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