Kim Kibum sheds tears and falls in love with Park Ye Jin

Kim Kibum recently aroused motherly love in the female audience by shedding tears.

In the June 12 episode of tvN’s series I Love Lee Tae Ri, Kim (plays the role of Keum Eun Dong), who tried to get his body back, fell in love with Park Ye Jin (played by Lee Tae Ri) and made many people’s hearts flutter.

Kim has become a secretary to Park, who is the director of a museum. He realized that his heart is pounding against his chest whenever he sees Park. Park has a crush on Kim, who is innocent and active at everything. Their pink romance will make the series more enjoyable.

Kim made the audience feel sorry for him by shedding tears when he was betrayed by his swim coach, who he has trusted for a long time.

Kim cried while leaning on Park’s shoulder. He successfully shot the scene without making any mistakes and surprised the entire crew.

The series, in which Kim, Park, and Yang Jin Woo form a love triangle, airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Source: TV Report

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