Super Junior’s Siwon changes into a barista in a white shirt

Super Junior’s Siwon has changed into a barista.

Siwon, currently working for a coffee brand as a model, attracted attention with a picture of himself making coffee, released on June 13. Wearing a white shirt and a black apron, Siwon is captivating his female fans with a bright smile.

In Siwon’s photo gallery, several pictures of Siwon with gentle, romantic smiles have been uploaded. As his domestic and overseas fans continuously visit the site, it’s proving his high popularity.

A spokesperson for the coffee brand says, “In Siwon’s photo gallery, there are several pictures of Siwon as a charismatic, handsome barista. Many females fans of Siwon are showing great interest in the gallery.”

People responded: “I want to drink the coffee made by barista Siwon,” “Barista Siwon is so attractive,” “I think Siwon can definitely do the barista job,” “Siwon looks so great in a white shirt.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.korea

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