Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum share a soju fueled kiss


Pictures from tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series I Love Lee Tae Ri are drawing a lot of attention.

The series is a fantasy romance comedy that takes place over 100 days between Kim, who quickly grows from a 14 year old innocent boy into a 25 year old perfect man, in a single day, and Park Ye Jin, who plays the role of a daughter in a rich family.

In the pictures, Park and Kim are sharing a kiss at a cart bar. Kim loves Park too much that he even gives up going back to himself in the series. He tells Park that he loves her during their date at a cart bar.

Kim drinks soju to say that he loves Park and Park also drinks soju to answer him. Then Kim kisses Park and they create a romantic scene.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Their kiss is so impressive. I can’t wait to see!” “The kissing scene is romantic. Sweet Park and manly Kim look good together.” “They shine even at a cart bar. I’m looking forward to seeing the kissing scene.”

The series, which is receiving many favorable reviews for Park and Kim’s comic and sweet performance, airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

Source: Sports Korea

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