Eunhyuk reveals that Victoria calls him “oppa” even though they are close in age

Super Junior‘s dance machine Eunhyuk revealed that f(x)‘s Victoria keeps calling him “oppa” when their birthdays are close enough to be considered the same age.

On the July 17th broadcast of SBS Strong Heart‘, Eunhyuk opened his story saying, “Victoria, who is a friend, keeps calling me oppa… I was born in ’86, and Victoria was born early in ’87, so in terms of actual age we are the same, yet she keeps calling me oppa.”

He then added, “Victoria and BoA are friends as well. And she even calls Kyuhyun oppa when he is younger than her.” Eunhyuk then finally asked Victoria why she insisted on calling everyone oppa or unni.

Victoria explained, “I call everyone who debuted before me oppa, or unni. I even call Girls’ Generation members unni.”

Listening to her explanation, Kyuhyun spoke up about his experience with Victoria calling him oppa. “I thought she was younger than me since she kept calling me oppa, but it turns out she is a nuna. After I found out, it became a little awkward between us, but when Victoria resumed calling me oppa we went back to being close again.”

Source & Photo: Xportsnews via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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