Super Junior will have no leader while Leeteuk is in the army

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has barely over a week until his enlistment on the 30th.

In an interview, he brightly revealed, “Time really does fly. Just a few days ago, I told Donghae, ‘There’s only 13 days left’, and Donghae said, ‘Hyung, it’s 12 days.’ And now there’s about a week. I feel like I’ve experienced how time flies by so fast. I read that the world looks different according to how I think, so I’m trying to be optimistic.

Even though member Kangin had gone and come back from the army and Heechul is currently enlisted, Leeteuk’s absence from the group has a different meaning because he has been the team’s center as its leader.

When asked who would be the leader in his place, he laughed and answered, “The members are so good that I’m just going to leave. If I give the spot to someone else and he does it so well, I’m going to have no place to stand when I come back. I’m going to tell them that I trust them and just go. I’m a bit worried, of course. The worst case scenario would be seeing the team weaken when I’m gone. I think.. I think that’d be hard. But I trust the members. I believe they’ll do well.

Source: Osen via Nate

Credit: allkpop

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