[Facebook] 130224 DJ KEN update with Eunhyuk

This was my first time in my life sitting in an auditorium, watching a fan meeting~~ Thank you Super Junior M for their love, although I wasn’t at the two shows previously but They still helped me to do advertisement. Today at backstage, it was obvious that Eunhyuk was disappointed that I wasn’t at the two shows previously. Expectedly, at the fan meeting I heard the conversation below but I am not sure whether I had heard it right or not. Emcee: What’s your ideal type? Eunhyuk: I like girls who look like me Kyuhun: Today, someone who look like you, came. Audience: Ken! Ken! Ken! Ken! Ken! Eunhyuk: I like long hair ones~ Suddenly, someone from the back told me “Quickly grow long hair” roflmao


Source: DJ Ken’s Facebook
Translated by: @heechoruku at @Just8604

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