[fanaccount|fantaken] SMTOWN Jakarta – Super Junior

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[Video|Trans] 120922 SMTOWN Jakarta Press Conference – Leeteuk

when performed “Just The Way You Are” with Changmin, Kyuhyun was always waving to the fans… (@WONindonesia)

Donghae and EunhyukOppa Oppa (@nadyapermadi)

Oops (ft. f(x))

Siwon almost kiss Eunhyuk and said “I Love You Babe”, Hyuk: “Terima Kasih (thank u)

Leeteuk wearing black sleeveless, so handsome (@nadiapermadi)


The boys were wearing white suit (@nadiapermadi)

Don’t Don

Kyuhyun joined dancing in the end part (@parkmita)

Kangin also performed with other members (@nadiapermadi)

Bonamana (Rock Version)

BOYS were wearing BLACK SUITS. Yesung was wearing shades!! Shindong‘s hair was spiked up. Green and BLONDE. Leeteuk took off his jacket (@parkmita)

SM Artists Dance Battle

Eunhyuk waers leopard jacket (@hyukjaegirl)

Sorry Sorry

Kangin also performed. and there was a KyuMin’s moment. (@ELF_thoughts)

Super Junior Intro

Leeteuk: Selamat sore… Kami Super Junior. (Good afternoon, we’re SJ)

Shindong: Terima Kasih. (Thank u)

Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk: Apa kabar… nama saya…. (how are u? my name is…)

Leeteuk: Assalamualaikum… nama saya……

Henry: Assalamualaikum…

Zhou Mi: Wo ai ni men… (I love u all)

Eunhyuk: yeah… me too…

(@WONindonesia, @parkmita)

Super Junior M performed Perfection (Korean Version) (@parkmita)

Dancing Out

Sungmin smiled and waved happily (@nadyapermadi)

Sexy, Free & Single

Leeteuk wasn’t performing along, so ELF were chanting his name.

Super Junior song list:

Just The Way You Are (Kyuhyun ft. TVXQ Changmin)

Oppa Oppa (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

Oops (ft. f(x))


Don’t Don

Bonamana (Rock Version)

Sorry Sorry

Perfection (Korean Version)

Dancing Out

Sexy, Free & Single


[Video|Photos] 120921 Super Junior at Incheon Airport (going to Jakarta)

Credit: sports seoul via uketsu5@yt

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Super Junior’s Yesung and Kangin pose together as ‘Two Woon’

Super Junior‘s Yesung tweeted on July 18th, “Wearing Y style glasses. It’s been a while since Two Woon,” along with the above photos of himself and Kangin.

“Two Woon” is a nickname for the duo, created by combining the second syllable of Kangin (Young Woon) and Yesung’s (Jong Woon) real names.

Fans commented, “They are both good looking,” and “Please come on variety shows together.

Super Junior is currently actively promoting their newest single, “Sexy, Free & Single“.

Source & Photo: Yesung’s Twitter
Credit: allkpop


Eunhyuk’s mother cries upon seeing member Kangin

Super Junior member Eunhyuk‘s mother shed some tears upon seeing member Kangin.

On the July 17th episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theatre’, Super Junior’s image as glamorous idols was taken away to reveal the hopes and dreams of the fearless members on the day prior to their ‘Super Junior Super Show’.

During this episode, the Super Junior boys visited member Eunhyuk’s house and were received warmly by Eunhyuk’s mother. Eunhyuk’s mother appeared especially pleased at the sight of member Kangin.

In fact, as soon as Kangin stepped into the house, tears began to form in Eunhyuk’s mother’s eyes. “Kangin has suffered so much. His heart must have gone through a lot,” she explained her emotional reaction, before adding on a cheerful note, “The fact that he’s so commendable and newly transformed now makes me really happy. I’m happy to think that he’s getting along very well with the other members.

It’s nice to see Eunhyuk’s mother’s concern for Kangin, as it shows that not only does Kangin receive support from his fellow members, but from their families as well.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Credit: allkpop


Super Junior releases 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’

The wait is finally over, Super Junior has released their long awaited sixth album, ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘!

The album was released online on July 1st (KST), and contains 10 total tracks of various genres including R&B, dance, and ballad, allowing us to get a taste of the variety of talents the group has to offer.

The title track “Sexy, Free & Single” is said to be a song that incorporates R&B along with soulful House music that is easy and addicting to listen to. The fun lyrics tell the success stories of sexy and free single men.

As revealed previously, the group has also included a special track entitled, ‘From U‘, which is a medium tempo R&B track dedicated to their fan club ELF, which they’ll be performing on stage in addition to the title song.

Gulliver‘, a song composed by Eunhyuk, is another track off the album and is said to contain the raps of Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae, and the charismatic vocals of Ryeowook. The song wittily compares the countless charms of the Super Junior members to that of ‘Gulliver’s Travels‘.

Someday” is a remake of Lee Sang Eun‘s original, showcasing the vocal abilities of the group.

The group welcomes in the summer with “Now“, which incorporates its refreshing sound and melody with lyrics that talk about leaving on a summer trip to the beach, while “Rockstar“, an electronic, hip hop club track will show off the group’s lively image and rocker charisma.

Other songs that made it onto the album include “Bittersweet“, which will touch the listeners with the emotional vocals of Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun with its sad lyrics; “Papillon“, an electronic dance track that cheers on those who have become worn out by their lives; “Lingering“, a touching ballad; and “Breakup Day“.

Credit: allkpop