BTS Photos of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Super Junior’s Siwon Shooting a Commercial Surface

BTS Photos of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Super Junior’s Siwon Shooting a Commercial Surface

Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany and Super Junior’s Siwon collaborated together to shoot a commercial for a makeup brand. The behind the scenes photos of the commercial shoot were shared online.

In the photos, Tiffany is wearing a black dress studded with clear jewels. Her light brown hair is pulled back into a curled ponytail, and her makeup is fairly simple except for the eyeliner that accents her pretty eye smile. The combination of the dress, her look, and the diamond accessory create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

Siwon looks dashing as always in a simple black suit that we seem to see him in a lot lately. In one picture, the mirror reflects him looking mesmerized by Tiffany’s beauty.

Netizens praised the two for their luxurious combination. “So luxurious~~” and “Tiffany’s eye smile is so pretty” were some of the comments.

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Super Junior’s Siwon reveals what physical feature he looks for in a woman on ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’

During his interview on the most recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay‘, Super Junior‘s Siwon revealed what physical feature he looks for in a woman.

Choi Siwon stated, “My ideal type is a woman with big, pretty eyes. I’ve heard that people with big eyes that sparkle, have honest hearts.

In response to his statement the reporter said, “Your eyes sparkle too Siwon“, to which Siwon responded wittily, “It’s because I have an honest heart.

In addition during the interview, Choi Siwon was told that when ‘Section TV’ producers had asked about what kind of person Siwon was to the staff and others, the majority had replied, “He’s perfect.

Flattered, Choi Siwon replied, “As expected, I think MBC is the best. I love MBC too. It’s the culture television station,” cleverly using MBC’s signature jingle to respond to the praise.

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Choi Siwon’s father receives backlash for Super Junior’s statements about his wealth on TV

On the October 28th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay‘, Choi Siwon revealed his father’s response to the topic of his family’s wealth that comes up a lot during broadcast.

Not long ago during Super Junior‘s appearance on ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star‘, the members of the boy group had boasted about Siwon’s financial power. Member Leeteuk had gone as far as jokingly saying, “[Siwon] can even buy out MBC.

Regarding the issue Siwon stated, “When my father woke up the next morning he asked me, ‘What did you say on broadcast? This is the first time I’ve received so many text messages beginning at the brink of dawn’.

In reply to his statement the reporter asked, “Even if you can’t buy out MBC, can you buy all the flowers here?“, pointing to all of the flowers in the flower shop, in which the interview took place.

Choi Siwon responded to the question saying, “Do you think it would be just the flowers?“, causing a breakout of laughter on set.

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Super Junior’s Siwon asks ELF to support his next hairstyle

Super Junior‘s Siwon has asked fans to support his decision on his next hairstyle.

He tweeted earlier on the 26th, “I have something to discuss with ELF today. Please anticipate it”, leaving fans in suspense as they wondered what the singer had in store.

A few hours later, he announced the topic of discussion, shocking many of his fans as he tweeted, “My dear ELF. I have heard that you are strongly opposed to me growing out my hair. However, I will not yield and I will grow out my hair like the picture. So could you support [my decision] now ^^? My beautiful ones *_*”

친애하는 앨프님들. 제가 머리기르는거에 대해 강력히 반대하신다는 얘기를 들었습니다. 하지만 전 굴하지 않고 사진속 저 머리만큼 기를것입니다. 이제 그만 서포트하시죠^^? 이 아름다운이들이여 *_* pic.twitter.com/U64wjSdb

So what do you think about his next hairstyle? Does he have your support?

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