[fanaccount|fantaken] SMTOWN Jakarta – Super Junior

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when performed “Just The Way You Are” with Changmin, Kyuhyun was always waving to the fans… (@WONindonesia)

Donghae and EunhyukOppa Oppa (@nadyapermadi)

Oops (ft. f(x))

Siwon almost kiss Eunhyuk and said “I Love You Babe”, Hyuk: “Terima Kasih (thank u)

Leeteuk wearing black sleeveless, so handsome (@nadiapermadi)


The boys were wearing white suit (@nadiapermadi)

Don’t Don

Kyuhyun joined dancing in the end part (@parkmita)

Kangin also performed with other members (@nadiapermadi)

Bonamana (Rock Version)

BOYS were wearing BLACK SUITS. Yesung was wearing shades!! Shindong‘s hair was spiked up. Green and BLONDE. Leeteuk took off his jacket (@parkmita)

SM Artists Dance Battle

Eunhyuk waers leopard jacket (@hyukjaegirl)

Sorry Sorry

Kangin also performed. and there was a KyuMin’s moment. (@ELF_thoughts)

Super Junior Intro

Leeteuk: Selamat sore… Kami Super Junior. (Good afternoon, we’re SJ)

Shindong: Terima Kasih. (Thank u)

Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk: Apa kabar… nama saya…. (how are u? my name is…)

Leeteuk: Assalamualaikum… nama saya……

Henry: Assalamualaikum…

Zhou Mi: Wo ai ni men… (I love u all)

Eunhyuk: yeah… me too…

(@WONindonesia, @parkmita)

Super Junior M performed Perfection (Korean Version) (@parkmita)

Dancing Out

Sungmin smiled and waved happily (@nadyapermadi)

Sexy, Free & Single

Leeteuk wasn’t performing along, so ELF were chanting his name.

Super Junior song list:

Just The Way You Are (Kyuhyun ft. TVXQ Changmin)

Oppa Oppa (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

Oops (ft. f(x))


Don’t Don

Bonamana (Rock Version)

Sorry Sorry

Perfection (Korean Version)

Dancing Out

Sexy, Free & Single


[Fanaccount|Fantaken|Fancam] 120521 Super Junior – SMTOWN Live Concert 2012 in LA

Todays MCs, tiffany, leeteuk and Jessica

Super Junior has made their appearance! Standing in a line side by side on the main stage with red glowing lights.

Super Junior now performing Superman.

Wow! Water gyesers surrounding Super Junior!

Super Junior now performing a new and updated version of “Dont Don!”

Super Junior has returned to the stage!

It sounds like Bonamana has also gone through a rock transformation tonight. Now being performed by Super Junior!

Super Junior being super hyper and running from front stage to center to main to sides all in different directions!

Super Junior and f(x) are back together on stage for the song Oops!

Heechul makes a special appearance via a pre-recorded video before he went to the military! f(x) and Suju saluted as he “sang”his part

Taeyeon and Tiffany are now back to MCing. Leeteuk joins them late.

Changmin singing Bruno Mars Just The Way You ARE!!

here comes kyuhyun joining changmin!!

theres a girl sitting on a high chair who theyre singing to on stage

changmin now going on one knee too to her. both singing to her

ended with both giving her a hug!

next up is donghae and eunhyuk with OPPA OPPA!

Super Junior Sorry Sorry

Super Junior intro. Shindong greets in English. Hllo everryoonne!

Leeteuk went “My name iss…” Fans: LEETEUK. Did this twice and called fans geniuses lol

Super Junior – ACHA

Super junior acha with water geysers!!

Super Junior is back on the stage! Dancing Out! What a win song

Bwaha, a Donghae and Eunhyuk moment for fans.

Super Junior Mr. Simple

It looks like we’re nearing the end! Tiffany, Leeteuk and Taeyeon shows up again to MC

One last performance with SMTOWN. Its the end~~

Singing “Hope”

Lol leeteuk is the only one on stage still

Credit: @cosmicsorrow

Donghae with f(x) Oops (by:rightful owners)

Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (fm:hefan0326)

Kyuhyun and Changmin’s stage with a lucky fan (fm:HondaCenter)

Eunhyuk and Donghae perform Oppa Oppa (Cr.2H殿)

Credit: @TaiwanLuvSJ

Super Junior’s stage is incredible [cr:kpopstarz Source: lidyanatalia]

Credit: @GirlGyu_Fang

oh so while the VCR of HC was shown they were saluting…. :’)

Credit: @_SuperInfinite

Eunhyuk sang Heechul’s line in Superman. (Cr: donataollo v:sujubiased_br)(v: WorldWideELFs)

Credit: @ForSMTown

During Mr. Simple Donghae sang Siwon’s part and continued his part~” cr eunteukalldway

Credit: @MrSiwonest

Closing – Sungmin Donghae Leeteuk Eunhyuk took their shirts off and threw them to the fans.

Credit: @soulbeat


Credit: @Yunho_Uknow





Kyuhyun & TVXQ’s Changmin – Just The Way You Are